Pool game rules

pool game rules

The following is the general pool rules. Also available are rules for: 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Continuous and Snooker. 1. TABLES, BALLS, EQUIPMENT. All games. In order to play the game, you have to be able to understand the terminology and rules. Familiarizing yourself with the vocabulary of the game will make it easier. Ninh explains the Rules of 8 Ball Pool - a popular cue sports table game from the USA. This is a beginner's. If the Cue Ball's initial contact is with an Object Ball that is touching a cushion, simply forcing that Object Ball into the same cushion does not constitute a Legal Shot. Nine-ball Eight-ball Straight pool Ten-ball Blackball Artistic pool and trick shots Bank pool Baseball pocket billiards Bottle pool Bowliards Chicago Chinese eight-ball Cowboy pool Cribbage Cutthroat Golf Honolulu Kelly pool Killer One-pocket Rotation Seven-ball Speed pool Three-ball. This means that the last ball 8th or 9th does NOT go straight -- it has to be pocketed off the rail. Thanks to pool game rules authors for creating a page that has been readtimes. The cue ball may be ADJUSTED by the player's hand, cue. Failure to do so is a Standard Foul. A player will continue their visit at the lotos wetten de until they fail to legally pocket a ball, or commit a foul. When the 8 ball is the only ball on the table, any kind of foul ends the game, and the opponent of the fouling player wins. Yes No, Keep Private. Stalemate The referee shall declare a Stalemate if both the player and the opponent have three turns in succession where the Cue Ball fails to make contact with an Object Ball. The balls are then placed according to the referee's assessment, and play continues according to specific game rules as if no locking or jawing of balls had occurred. Site Map Gin rummy here and in Las Vegas Play gin online Cribbage online Play cribbage Dominoes online. If you scratch on the break, shoot from kitchen but take 5 off your score for the frame. Such shots are usually referred to as push shots. All balls must be called. In informal amateur play in most areas, the table will only be considered open if no balls were pocketed, or an equal number of stripes and solids were pocketed, or the cue ball was scratch ed into a pocket or off the table , on the break ; if an odd number of balls were legally pocketed, such as one solid and two stripes, or no solids and one stripe, the breaker must shoot the balls that were pocketed in the greatest quantity stripes in these examples. The game has numerous variations, mostly regional. When "On" a group of Colours, potting more than one ball of that Colour in the same shot is allowed. If a player needs to leave the playing area during a frame or match, "Time Out" must firstly be granted by the referee. A player is in a Total Snooker when it is impossible to play any part of any of the player's own Colour by way of a "straight line" shot. pool game rules

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The Rules of 9 Ball Pool (Nine Ball Pool) - EXPLAINED! For regional amateur variations, such as pocketing the 8 on the break being an instant win or loss, see "Informal rule variations", below. Upload a picture for other readers to see. Here are the detailed rules from AZB post:. Failing to perform a "Legal Shot". If a player fails to pocket the Bonus Ball on their turn, during their next visit to the table they will restart the sequence at purple. Scoring of points is to be resumed at the score as it stood at the moment of game disruption. If a online spielothek echtgeld bonus ball is close by, care should be taken not to foul that ball under the first part of this rule. Hold the back of the cue with your left hand and hold the narrow end with your right, and follow other steps in the article. If, with cue ball in hand behind the headstring and while the shooter is attempting a legitimate shot, the cue ball accidentally hits a ball behind the head string, and the cue ball crosses the line, it is a foul. Today, numbered stripes and solids are preferred in most of the world, though the British-style offshoot, blackballuses the traditional colors as did early televised "casino" tournaments in the U.

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