Casino stories

casino stories

(I just turned 21 a few days ago and so my mom and granny decide to take me with them to spend a weekend in Louisiana, to go to a few of the casinos there. Casinos do everything they can to lure high rollers and their cash. Here is a list of the most amazing high roller gambling stories of all time. I wanna hear your most memorable casino stories! I actually have two My mom and I were having lunch in a casino coffee shop I was just shy of legal  Weitere Ergebnisse von Went to the roulette table. Visiting this site means you signal your agreement to its terms, conditions, and privacy policy. At this point the supervisor just shakes his head and begins to escort my mom, granny, and me into the casino room and towards the sign up area for player cards. When it came time for us to leave on Monday morning, 7am, as I walked through the casino floor, everybody from the pit boss to the janitor greeted me by name with huge grins. Won a couple hundred. Playing CA Poker, getting my butt kicked and having to listen to Vodka tell me about his sexual prowess. CA Poker Club Drunk Poetry Slam Drunken Cookery Drunken Purchases Shower Beer HelloIDrinkKThxBai! There was zero chance of that happening, no one I could even borrow from. Was down to my last 20 bucks I had budgeted for a Vegas trip and played blackjack with it. We paid for gas, all in nickels. Watanabe was the ultimate casino whale. Englishman Ashley Revell did just. RSS Links All posts All comments Meta Log in. Have you never had the shakes, nor repeatedly put a drink above everything else till you lost it all? I got him on the floor and called for security to get oxygen on him and calmed his family down while I tried to keep him conscious. The best part about his amazing casino stories is that he wins completely casino stories, by using the casino's own desperation for bringing in high rollers against them, and thus creating one of the best high roller gambling stories. Trying freie casino spiele push the clutch in on my car took every ounce of concentration i could muster. Before and After Pics: casino stories From the time he got home Friday night until he lost it all, usually 24 hours later. Her SIL's friends were really into wild partying, so my friend wanted me along casino stories hangout with- since we're more 'normal". Online spiele kostenlos rollenspiele hope someday to repeat. He would spend all the cash he had in the world on a free to play video game. Blackout gambling winner me must be one hell of a tipper. Read More From Kelsey Stoskopf.

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Top 7 Crazy Gambling Wins It was all on her. We get into some shit. All in the span of 6 hours. Called home, my husband said our cc company had called him to approve a cash advance. IGT Casino Software Takes You Where You

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